Shandee Vaughan

Production Manager

Shandee Vaughan is a native Arizonan who grew up balancing her love of the arts and the outdoors. After graduating from West Texas A&M University, she continued her trek eastwards and has been living in Chicago for the last several years. Prior to joining WildClaw, she was Co-Production Manager for The Woman in Black and Production Stage Manager for Deathscribe: 1700 and Miami, as well as the WildClaw salon, Nicks and Cuts. In Chicago, Shandee has also worked with American Blues Theater, About Face Theatre, Oakton Performing Arts, Festival 56, Otherworld Theatre, Commedia Beauregard, and Step Up Productions. Outside of Chicago, she spent three summers in the Pioneer Amphitheater as the Production Stage Manager of TEXAS Musical Drama, where she also dived into pyrotechnics, rode horses, and performed on the fire stunt team. On a typical afternoon, Shandee relishes in Gillian Flynn novels and stories from her favored criminal podcasts: Sword and Scale, Lore, Criminal, Dirty John, Crimetown and Serial (her true catalyst). She remains persistently inquisitive about the inner workings of the human mind, which could explain her fascination with psychological thrillers…