The Revenants (2009)

By Scott T. Barsotti
Directed by Anne Adams

April 20 – May 24, 2009
Angel Island Theatre
731 W. Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL

The Revenants focuses on two married couples barricaded in a basement during a violent uprising of the undead. As supplies run low and hopes dwindle, it is revealed that two of the spouses are infected and getting… hungry. Faced with the true meaning of commitment, husbands and wives must ask of each other: When does love die?

Featuring Brian Amidei, Ryan Patrick Dolan, Laura Hooper and Jenny Strubin

Anne Adams, Director
Scott T. Barsotti, Playwright
Charlie Athanas, Set Designer
Allison Greaves, Costume Designer
Paul Foster, Lighting Designer
Mikhail Fiksel, Sound Designer
Sania Panayotova, Make-Up Designer
Ryan Oliver, Blood Effects
Aaron Christensen, Stage Violence