Shandee Vaughan

Production Manager

Shandee is thrilled to aide in bringing this spine-tingling and uncomfortable tale to life. She was recently inducted into the WildClaw Theatre family as their newest company member. Earlier this year, she was the Co-Production Manager for WildClaw Theatre’s The Woman in Black while mounting the Chicago premiere of The Columnist with American Blues Theater. Other recent credits include: Dylan Brody’s Driving Hollywood (Apollo Theater), It’s a Wonderful Life: Live in Chicago (American Blues Theater),​ DEATHSCRIBE (WildClaw Theatre), Little Shop of Horrors (American Blues Theater), and Nicks and Cuts (WildClaw Theatre). ​She remains hopelessly glued to criminal podcasts and intensely fascinated by the mind’s ability to rationalize the irrational. Shandee graduated with her BA in Theatre Design and Technology from West Texas A&M University.