Deathscribe HELLeven

Monday, December 3, 2018 @ 8pm
Lincoln Hall
2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

In our continued quest to acquire original, imaginative horror stories, we solicited and received over 200 new works from theatre and horror aficionados around the world. These final five radio plays have emerged, perhaps slightly bloodstained, as finalists of the grueling selection process. Join us to see who will be this year’s victor and winner of the coveted Bloody Axe Award!

These five finalists will send thrills up your spine as they are brought to life by Chicago’s finest actors and directors, accompanied by a live band and a team of sound effects artists complete with live Foley onstage. The winner of the Bloody Axe will be chosen by a panel of horror and theatre experts.


Whisper Trigger

By Dan Finnen and Sarah Gise
Directed by Tara Branham

Featuring Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom, Alys Dickerson, and Rich Holton

“Hello, I’ve heard you’ve had some trouble sleeping. I’m Telas, and I’m going to help you rest tonight…”



By Ben Huffman and William Andrew Lewis
Directed by Jose Nateras

Featuring Lindsey Dorcus, Zeke Eastman, Krystal Ortiz, Laura McKenzie, Paula Ramirez, and Michael Turrentine

“You wanna know why three night nurses at Oakmont Manor couldn’t handle a
ninety-something-year-old woman who got out of hand, right?”

The Forbidden Room

By Nikkita Duke
Directed by Jyreika Guest

Featuring Ashley Joy, Tia Pinson, and Jessica Nicole

“This should be our little secret. Something only the two of us know, mmakamba.
Good children always listen to their mothers.”


By Skyler Schrempp
Directed by Spenser Davis

Featuring Elise Marie Davis, Kiayla Jackson, Robert Koon, Tim Newell, and Alejandro Tey

“Oh girl. Your shit doctor prescribed the wrong kind of thing.
Those are for
regular migraines.
He must have thought you were exaggerating.”

Subject #9

By Tim Griffin
Directed by Elizabeth Lovelady

Featuring Moira Begale*, Elisabeth Del Toro, Dave Skvarla, and Joseff Stevenson

“Anesthetize it first. Unless you want to listen to it pleading the whole time.”