Christopher M. Walsh


Christopher M. Walsh has been a company member and literary manager of WildClaw Theatre since 2015. He was a two-time Deathscribe finalist, winning the coveted Bloody Axe in 2014, and contributed to WildClaw’s 2015 live horror anthology Motel 666. He is also a member of Lifeline Theatre, where he directed the 2016 production of Midnight Cowboy, and wrote the scripts for Miss Holmes (2017 Non-Equity Jeff Award nominee: Best Production – Play), Soon I Will Be Invincible, A Tale of Two Cities (2015 Non-Equity Jeff Award nominee: Best New Adaptation), The City and The City, and The Count of Monte Cristo. He has also appeared onstage in such memorable productions as the House Theatre’s Season on the Line (2015 Equity Jeff Award nominee: Best Ensemble), and Lifeline’s Monstrous Regiment (2015 Non-Equity Jeff Award nominee: Best Production – Play). He is a member of SAG-AFTRA and the Dramatists Guild.