Andrew Lewis and Ben Huffman

Deathscribe 11 Finalists - "Floris"

Andrew Lewis
Ben Huffman

Andrew Lewis and Ben Huffman have been best friends since high school, and the two of them have been watching, critiquing, planning, and writing horror stories together for twenty years.

Andrew inherited his love of the horror genre from his mother, and he owes his love of H.P. Lovecraft to the original Alone in the Dark computer game. Andrew works tirelessly to hasten the awakening of Cthulhu, in hopes that he might be devoured first and spared the horrors that will follow in Its dreadful wake at the end of days. He also works as a lawyer in Washington DC.

As a child, Ben saw the Evil Dead trilogy and began a tireless search through the forest surrounding his farm for the Necronomicon. He has yet to retrieve the book but does have some promising leads. Until then, he will continue to work in advertising in Chicago, play in his band (Bornless) and entertain his wife and daughters with scary stories.