What do you get when you take an American starlet and throw your perception of her beyond the rim of expectations?

Under the Skin

I am not an enormous Scarlett Johansson fan. There are plenty out there, so I don’t think she’s missing me. But the simplicity of her performance in this film has made me think twice. We’ve all seen her pretty flesh on parade in Hollywood blockbusters, but watching her eyes flit about the streets of Anywhere, Europe, silently stalking was more memorable and mesmerizing than her booty in that tight Avengers costume.

When you think femme fatale, you may think of a slinky vixen sauntering up to a man at a bar, demurely conning a cocktail and possessing him before the first sip. However, this femme fatale approaches in a Euro creeper van, and is conning you into it only to bring you to a nightmare palace where… Well, I won’t say what comes pass within that void of sticky flooring, but… Were you fool enough to accept the ride, you’re not getting one back.

Director Jonathan Glazer crafted a feminist masterpiece with this film and I can’t express how moved I was at its conclusion. It’s been out for a couple months now, but I’m hard-pressed to give anything away for fear of ruining a first timer’s experience.

Just know this: As humans if we lose our compassion towards one another, we’re food. Nothing will save us but humanity and it might come from an alien.


What do you get when you combine an androgenous masterpiece of a woman with a sullen, ginger man-of-my-dreams and make them vampires?

Only Lovers Left Alive

Understand this… Jim Jarmusch made me believe in love again. Real love. Capital MF-ing L, Love.

He made vampires human. Tired & tender. Sullen & soft. Nurturing & needy.

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston make a balanced, timeless union in this story of vampire survival.

Adam & Eve.

Tee hee…

Adam & Eve exist in a world they find corrupted and “contaminated” by the “zombies“. Not zombies in the flesh-eating sense, but in the endlessly, thoughtlessly all-consuming sense. The mundane masses that file through the world without any foresight.

You know… Us.

They live on the outskirts of anywhere until the irrevocable occurs. They aren’t blatantly run out of town by a mob with pitchforks & torches… They simply have to find another way. They need to embrace change and handle it with the graceful fortitude that only vampires can.

The catalyst for their necessary change comes in the form of a little sister (I thank all the gods for sparing me that personal hell…), Ava. Mia Wasikowska, as the petulant undead princess, becomes the trouble no one needs. Even if her presence is predictable, it doesn’t make it any less exciting.

Again, this film has been out for a while now, and the cast is full of ringers, but I don’t want to steer any opinions or expectations. So, go.

Get spun into the blood delirium and observe the Yin and Yang of these beautiful creatures living for each other.

Forever. Because they Will find a way. Together. Forever.

Mmmm… How romantic.