Merry Deathscribe to All!

Darkness has descended upon the 9th annual festival of horror radio plays. Congratulations to Travis Williams, who took home this year’s Coveted Bloody Axe Award for The Quake. This was Travis’ fourth time as a Deathscribe finalist. And let us all bow down to the recipient of this year’s Cursed Skull of the Ancients, Sara Sevigny, for […]

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WildClaw Theatre Company proudly presents Deathscribe 2016, the Ninth Annual International Festival of Radio Horror Plays on Monday, December 5th, at 8:00pm. This collection of bone-chilling audio nightmares will be performed live at Deathscribe’s NEW VENUE, Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS! The Quake By Travis Williams Directed by Sara […]

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WildClaw Theatre grins with sinister delight as we unveil the five malevolent spirits charged with conjuring this year’s pieces onto our stage. Gaze in terror as you behold… the directors of Deathscribe 2015: Leigh Barrett (TOO MANY TEETH) has been a producer, designer and manager active in new play development in Chicago since landing here in […]

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WildClaw Theatre is delightened and SO frightened to announce that last Monday, our Deathscription was filled when 2014’s coveted Bloody Axe went to Christopher M. Walsh for his tale of underwater exploration gone horribly, horribly wrong, Fracture Zone! First Lieutenant Farragut and Crewman Rickover are members of the crew of the Deep Submergence Vessel NR-2. In fact, […]

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Today we’re making waves with Sara Sevigny, director Christopher M. Walsh’s “Fracture Zone” for Deathscribe 2014. Sara and her writing partner, Corrbette Pasko, just debuted their short play “30 Days Down the Rabbit Hole” at Abbie, and followed that up with “Autumn Leaves” as Red Theater‘s entry in Fight Night at The Den. Their full-length play,  Zombie Broads, […]

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Today we’re plumbing the depths with Christopher M. Walsh, author of “Fracture Zone,” directed by Sara Sevigny. Christopher was a Deathscribe finalist in 2012 for “Comparing Notes at the End of the World.” He is a company member with Lifeline Theatre, where he has adapted “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “The City & The City,” and […]

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  Today we’re getting The Big Reveal from Jake Carr, writer of “Cheap Plastic Mask.” As a lifelong disciple of the horror genre, Jake Carr is thrilled to be part of Deathscribe. In Chicago, he is an Artistic Associate with Genesis Ensemble where he co-writes and devises original works, including The Rest Unknown and In […]

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