Believe this movie will melt your mind into the same colorful blotches it flashes on the screen, and know that you should not attempt to resist.

Go to there.

Immediately, if not sooner.


Aside from Suspiria being a horror cult classic that incorporated cutting edge technology (thank you Technicolor) to create nightmare visuals, but the soundtrack was provided by a band of equally outlandish auditory strangeness, Goblin. Goblin… Gob… Lin… I can even begin to describe what-the-what Goblin sounds like. Click this for a taste.


A beautiful & bizarre trip that travels at a drawn & lingering pace, Suspiria provides perplexing intrigue and little logic. A recipe for fantastical art.

Alice? Dorothy?

Shut it.

Suzy Bannion trumps you in hot blooded second. A hot 1977 orange blooded second.

How does this world exist? Are there rules? I thought this was a dance academy?!?


But what’s it about?


If you need more reason than that, I don’t know I’ll ever look you in the eye again.


Dario Argento, thank you for birthing this strange art baby.

May the minds of whomever read this get pregnant with the desire to take your ride.

-Michaela Petro