Being that this is a horror company and horror blog, I feel the need to share something personally horrific to me with you.

(Deep breath) I have a very real and profound respect (and fear) of the ocean.

Please don’t get me wrong! I Love the ocean. If I hadn’t grown up near the Atlantic, I would be a different person. It’s amazing and beautiful, and the rich sparkle of salt water on one’s skin is incomparable. However… It is without question, another world in which human-kind does Not belong. We can visit and it’s grand, and the little fishes nibble at our toes while jelly fish stake their claim where they drift but…

Then there are the sharks.




Look at that f@&#ing thing…

Oh, come on, Michaela! Don’t be inflammatory! That is clearly a picture of a Great White (the most aggressive of the species, followed closely by the Tiger & Bull sharks) and everyone knows those are scary because of Jaws.

Touche. However, it’s still a predator. A being that, it Naturally preys on other animals. It is in its nature to kill. Period.

That said,  there  is a new trend budding in the world of idiots on vacation. Specifically those fond of diving and cavorting in salt water with the locals. The locals being the wildlife. The wildlife being sharks.

Sharking riding.

What the what?! Apparently, some of us do not comprehend our insignificance in a world where we are unable to survive without the aid of masks and snorkels. Yet, there we are! Grabbing onto dorsal fins and mucking around with monsters.

People… It’s your life. Don’t you forget it. But, I (like Dawn Williams of Shark Attack News) would like to encourage you Not to become a winner of a Darwin Award. Leave shark riding to the conservationists who have spent years learning about these creatures.

Now, I’m going to spend my Saturday walking about on land, where a gal like me belongs.