Sad morning for fans of Night of the Living Dead. I went to bed shortly after reading that William “Bill” Hinzman has lost his battle with cancer. Bill was easily the most recognizable ghoul (and the first to appear onscreen) in Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

After a quick google search to confirm everything, I learned from Dread Central that a second ghoul from the film had passed just hours later. Josephine Streiner who not only played a ghoul in the film and provided the car that Barbara wrecked trying to escape Hinzman’s ghoul in the film, but she was also mother of NOTLD producer Russell Streiner and NOTLD soundman Gary Streiner.

Thanks to you both for believing in and taking part in something that has entertained and inspired so many people for generations… and for scaring the crap out of me as a child.

p.s. thanks to Dread Central for keeping us informed.