Now’s your chance to get two doses of Lovecraft to start off your New Year!  WildClaw is bringing Witch House back with a reading featuring some amazing Chicago actors and directed by Paul Holmquist.  Get your tickets while you can!  $15 (plus $2) for the reading at 3pm and get a half price ticket for Innsmouth later that night!  that’s two shows for $30!  Plus a smarty pants discussion lead by Lovecraft expert and WildClaw associate Kenneth Hite!  Call the Athenaeum Box Office at 773-935-6875 or buy your ticket to the reading online: then use the code SUPERLOVE to get a $15 ticket to the January 4th performance of The Shadow Over Innsmouth!

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dreams in the Witch House

Adapted by Charley Sherman*

Directed by Paul Holmquist


Brian Amidei*/# (Father Iwanicki, Gilman’s father, Reverand Watkins, Dombrowski)
Don Bender (Professor Upham, Maurewicz, Bus Driver)
Rob Kauzlaric (Gilman) 
Carolyn Klein# (Keziah Mason, Clerk, Hooded woman) 
Ron Kuzava# (Brown Jenkins) 
Chris Hainsworth*/# (Sheriff Raven, Father) 
Jesse Manson (Officer Malone, Young Priest, John Townhill)
Sarah Scanlon (Lilith)
Chris Walsh (Isaiah, Jeremiah Morgan)
Mandy Walsh* (Gilman’s Mother, Librarian, Mother, Amy Samuels) 
Paul Holmquist (Narration/Stage Directions)
*denotes WildClaw Company Member or Associate /#denotes original cast member